Metal Supply & Service Center

Mark Metals – Metal Service Center

Since 1990, Mark Metals has been recognized as the “go to” metal service center in the Reading, Pennsylvania area.  With our experience and capabilities, we are a unique resource in the metal service center industry. Mark Metals offers a multifaceted approach to meet our customers’ requirements and works diligently to provide cost-effective, quality solutions.

Mark Metals carries a wide “under-roof” inventory of stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel sheet, plate, bars, shapes, tubing and pipe. We supply metal products for homebuilders, general contractors, mechanical trade contractors, other local industries as well as do-it-yourselfers.

Not only can we supply a variety of specialty metals, we will also cut and form to your specifications. We supply excavating contractors with abrasion resistant plate and formed plates to complete equipment repairs and rebuilds. Hauling contractors call us for T-1 steel, stainless, and aluminum plate to repair trailers or dump bodies.

With our extensive supply chain network, we are able to source your special requirements and hard-to-find metal products.

Mark Metals is a resource for custom metal fabrication and machining projects. The Mark Metals Metal Service Center offers value and expertise to clients from all business sectors. From keyed shafts to construction supports and large-scale sign frames, Mark Metals is poised to complete a wide variety of projects.

Mark Metals is your metal service center for repetitive products, supporting manufacturing production requirements. We regularly fabricate sheared and punched spacer plates used in the manufacture of commercial cast iron boilers. We supply a number of precut parts for the manufacture of commercial trailers. We provide cutting and threading services for the rail industry.

Mark Metals is a multi-resource metal service center and our goal is customer satisfaction. Whether your requirements are for a small piece of steel or a truck load, a fabricated component or a repeat product, we will fulfill your requirements to the highest standards.

Metal Service Center- Custom Metal Fabrication

If You Can Draw It, We Can Build It

Mark Metals can provide finished parts from your CAD drawings or even a hand drawn sketch. We can work with you or your engineers to provide prototypes and can facilitate distribution through our network of strategic partnerships. Our capabilities include:

  • Project Management Programming
  • Hole Punching
  • Production Cutting
  • Brake Forming
  • Shearing
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Oxyfuel Cutting
  • Fabrication & Machining
  • Blasting & Painting
  • Saw Cutting
  • Welding
  • Grinding
  • Bending
  • Plate Rolling
  • Angle Rolling
  • Planing
  • Boring
  • Lathing

Metal Service Center – “Under Roof” Inventory

Standard Metal Products

  • Plate: A36, AR 400/500, A516 steel, stainless steel, aluminum, floor/diamond in aluminum & carbon steel, high strength/low alloy & hot-rolled carbon steel
  • Sheet: Carbon, stainless, aluminum, galvanized
  • Expanded Metal: Flattened & standard
  • Angles: Structural, carbon steel, stainless, aluminum, galvanized
  • Beams: “S” standard, “W” wide flange, “M” junior, “T”s structural
  • Channels: “C” standard, “MC” Jr and ship & car, bar size
  • Tubing: Square, rectangle, round in carbon steel, stainless, & aluminum
  • Bars: Flats, rounds, squares, hexagon, in carbon steel, stainless & aluminum
  • Grating: Structural bar, grip strut
  • Piping: A53 and A500 carbon steel, stainless & aluminum
  • Threaded Rod: coarse thread or fine thread in carbon steel, zinc-plated & stainless steel
  • Handrails: Top rail molding, square bar & tubing
  • Rebar: A615-Gr60 #3 through #8
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